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Propagating Azaleas




I got a couple of azaleas (white and pink variety) this February. They look so gorgeous. They were actually on sale in the store for Valentines, and I couldn’t resist. The pink is still hanging on to their flowers, while the white variety has pooped out.  I’ve since repotted them and if you notice on both plants, I’ve placed some rock in an attempt to do some propagating called layering, which is just one of several ways to propagate azaleas. Hopefully by next year, I’ll have a few more azalea plants! Then I have my very own azalea plants to give away….or keep for next Valentines.



Every year the Fullerton Arboretum in Southern California has their annual VeggiePalooza. There were tons of varieties of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and other veggies for sale. We decided to get a few plants that aren’t available at stores as plants and produce to buy. Since our backyard isn’t ready to have a huge garden just yet, we limited our selection to just a few tomatoes and a couple of peppers.

Cherry tomato: Isis candy – I chose a cherry tomato for my sister and nephew who will hopefully be visiting this summer. I’ll have those tomatoes ready by then!

Debarao heirloom paste tomato – I asked the volunteer there for something that was good for salsas. She recommended any of the paste tomatoes.

Rutgers improved –  Another volunteer said this a good option too. It was in the ‘Slicer’ section of tomatoes.

Mr. Wonderful took care of the pepper plant selections. Both varieties he chose were hot. White habanero and pepperoncini.

I transplanted them as soon as we got home!

February and March sows

February sows
Scarlet runner beans (red and pink), borage, cilantro, snow peas , Lexington progress #9 shelling peas, red Russian kale, nasturtium, French lavender, scented geranium, catnip, marjoram, sweet basil, parsley, chard bright lights, dill, cilantro, chives, chervil, green zebra tomatoes.

March Sows
Flowers: pansy, Johnny jump ups, marigold, zinnia, nasturtium (spitfire and dwarf), sunflower, chard, cucumber (alpha biet and national pickling), pole beans, okra, beets (Detroit red and bulls blood), lettuce rosy, lettuce (quatre de saison), potatoes (red, yellow and blue), carrots (Parisienne), radish (French and watermelon).


Early February sows

This winter has been pretty warm compared to what I remember. Just recently has it been cooler in the days….averaging high 60s and low 70s.

I sowed some more lettuce and snow peas. Hopefully I didn’t start them too late from my last batch in hopes of having a continual harvest.


Chili de Arbol
Bell pepper- these were seeds from 2009. I don’t even think they are still viable.
New Zealand lettuce
1) deers tongue
2) Rocky top mix
3) sunset

Caladium buck

Transplanted 12 day lillies, various colors.

Wedding, more get togethers, and picking lemons

My family came to visit from Guam this year to help celebrate my aunt and uncles 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary. It’s a very momentous feat for any married couple I think.


Auntie Pining and Uncle Erming’s 50th Wedding Anniversary


Leilani and I playing ukelele and singing “Somewhere over the rainbow” for the tribute slideshow of our beloved Grandma “Nanay”, at the wedding.

So, we had another get together the day after the wedding. One day of partying is not enough for this filipino family! Everybody brought something to the table so there was a ton of food, fun, and laughter!


Partial family photo!

In addition to the dish we made, I decided to bring some of the lemons from my back yard. My tree was overflowing with ripe fruits to share with the familia!


My nephew, Oasis picking lemons.


Mom helping pick lemons.

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