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Wedding, more get togethers, and picking lemons

My family came to visit from Guam this year to help celebrate my aunt and uncles 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary. It’s a very momentous feat for any married couple I think.


Auntie Pining and Uncle Erming’s 50th Wedding Anniversary


Leilani and I playing ukelele and singing “Somewhere over the rainbow” for the tribute slideshow of our beloved Grandma “Nanay”, at the wedding.

So, we had another get together the day after the wedding. One day of partying is not enough for this filipino family! Everybody brought something to the table so there was a ton of food, fun, and laughter!


Partial family photo!

In addition to the dish we made, I decided to bring some of the lemons from my back yard. My tree was overflowing with ripe fruits to share with the familia!


My nephew, Oasis picking lemons.


Mom helping pick lemons.


Harvest Monday



Harvest Monday caught my eye with Daphne’s Dandelions blog. She does it much more regularly than I do and had a place where you can link up on her blog.

I’ve got lots of tomatoes and peppers. I didn’t realize how much one tiny pepper tree can produce. I have 3 different varieties that are producing really well right now, Corno di Toro, chili de Arbol, and one that was given to me by my uncle.  Those are the really tiny peppers underneath the matchbox. Now I have to figure out what I can do with them.

I also harvest some green beans and strawberries.




I decided to harvest some beets too. They are getting some powdery mildew on the leaves. This is the first for me. This powdery mildew is also getting on some chard and on my pumpkin leaves. booo. i have to figure out soon, how to get rid of that.



East side of house – BEFORE

East side of house, before. Facing towards the house.

East side of house, before. Facing towards the house.

East side of house. Facing street.

East side of house. Facing street.

East side of house. Facing street.

East side of house. Facing street.

Long Beach Comic Con – Oct 29, 2011

This was my first experience at a comic con. I wanted to see what the hype was about. No doubt, there were tons of people dressed up in character. I’ve compiled my own trading cards (above) with some of the characters I got a chance to snap. If you’re wondering what who the girl in the middle is supposed to be Amy Winehouse, zombie version. I know she’s not part of the comic series, but I needed one more space filled. Next years cards will be much better for sure!

I took a bunch of photos I decided to start with the artists! Can you believe it, I found 3 Filipino and 1 Chamorro artist! Whoot Whoot!

The cute filipina girl, Kamilla Portacio, is the daughter of Whilce Portacio,
a famous artist that draws for DC and Marvel. So amazing how young
she is and already a good artist!
Tone Rodriguez, artist who has drawn for the
Simpson, Zorro, and Ecape from LA just to name a few.

Tone Rodriguez’ artwork.
More of Tone Rodriguez’ artwork.

Stan Sakai, author and artist of Usagi Yojimo.
Jesse Mesa Toves. I was surprised to find an
islander on the other end of the table. Good Job!!

Jesse Mesa Toves artwork.
It was great to see some female artists in this male dominant field.
Tiffany Ho, artist.
Some of Tiffany Ho Artwork.

Now for the vendors! I found some great handmade items. Something I didn’t expect at Comic Con. The first store I found was Apple 8 Store. I couldn’t believe what I found. It was a diamond in the rough. Amazing artwork!!

Handmade crochet animal beanies.

More beanies. The one on the right has it’s brains coming out! So creative!

The owners of Apple 8 Store!

Wire wrapped handmade jewelry. Love, love, love these!

Amigurumi. Looks like little candy.

Not your average shirt. Most if not all were designed by the owners.
2 headed Curious George, from Carlyfornia.

Owner of Carlyfornia.

Handmade corsets from Miss Carlyfornia.

An assortment of rings from Miss Carlyfornia.

Retro Outlaw Studios, LA California.

Retro Outlaw Studios. Punks not Dead shirt.

Retro Outlaw Studios. More shirts.

 Zombie Walk!

Just a portion of the zombies getting ready to do their walk.

At the end of the Zombie walk was a fair and an attempt to have the Guiness record for the most zombies for a walk.

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