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Easter Chicks

For about 3 years now, I have been dreaming of owning chickens. They provide fresh eggs, they help till the garden and eat the bugs while at it, and provide fertilizer. My dream has finally come true this past weekend and it so happened to be Easter. Hallelujah!!

The chicks I bought are actually pullets or the teenager versions of a chicken. I wanted them old enough to not need a heat lamp (chicks are too much work for my taste!). There are so much breeds to choose from. Originally,  I wanted a barred rock, but the breeder only had 2 week old chicks. Those are way too young and need so much attention, which I can not provide right now. They only had a few breeds that met my criteria, old enough to not need a heat lamp and be hens, no roosters allowed in my city. I wouldn’t want them anyways waking me up at the crack of dawn or even before that, crowing to let everyone know ‘it’s early and you should get up’! I have enough of some sort of tiny birds on my patio, that chirp like they’re debating loudly at each other, every morning.

So the breeds we bought are, 1 black and 1 white australorp, and a welsummer. The 2 australorps lay brown eggs, while the welsummer lays dark brown or sometimes speckled eggs. I can’t wait to see them eggs! I think these pullets are about 15 weeks, but I have to call the breeder and double check. I’m hoping to get eggs in the next couple months or so. We’ll see.

Here they are in action! Well, not much action, but they are so fun to watch. I’m going to try to handle them everyday so they won’t be so afraid around me. Speaking of training, Honey had her share yesterday. My goal is to have her off leash around the coop without running around and scaring the chicks.



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