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Experimental Garden

I decided to try planting on the ground directly. This is the first time doing it at our new place. I want to see how much weeds come up, if my plants will even survive in the type of soil…although I amended with some compost. Not as much as I would have liked to, but I think anything helps.




In my experimental garden, I have snow peas, rocky lettuce mix, and bak choi. You can barely see the bak choi. Once I planted them, they were munched on by some insect. The lettuce and snow peas did fantastic though and the bugs didn’t bother them at all. So I’m calling the bak choi my sacrificial plant for the lettuce, at least in my experimental garden.

So far, I’ve harvested about 4 big salad bowls (about 8 servings each bowl) of lettuce.This rocky lettuce mix is from I can not tell you how great this mix of lettuce is. I will be buying this from now on. I love all the lettuce from the packet!

I also got a couple of good handfuls of the snow peas. They are in full force right now. I will be picking them every few days to keep up with the bounty.


Honey admiring our experimental garden.


The bak choi have all gone to seed and I will leave those to be harvested when they are dry.


Overdue update – October sows

Last March I planted several papaya trees and some moringa trees from seed. Luckily enough, they are still growing! Hopefully I can get some fruit from the papaya in the next year or two!!





Mint that I’m trying to keep tame in a container. I used a bunch of the leaves for some Christmas libations. They turned out yummy and fresh! I actually pulled the planter up to make sure some of the roots didn’t take hold of the soil. As you may know, mint is very invasive and will take over any garden! So, keep them in a separate pot if you don’t want them taking over!!!


This picture of my basil was taking at the end of October. I’ve since harvested and they are slowing coming back. I made different version of pesto….minus the nuts and cheese, and froze them in ice cube trays. I read somewhere that it would be much more tasty to add the nuts and cheese when you’re ready to eat them. I will update on that when the time comes for pesto.


SOWS for OCTOBER 2013Chives…..they were not chive seeds at all. I think they were just lettuce. hmmm

Bak Choi….These came up nicely. I transplanted them to my ‘experimental’ garden.

Lettuce…. Also planted these in my ‘experimental’ garden.


Sugar Snap peas – Once these were able to be transplanted, they also went to my experimental garden.


My wonder dog ‘Honey’ seems to keep brushing up on my succulents and knock out the leaves. I’ve noticed, they easily root if you just leave them on the dirt. So now I have a TON of these growing. I’m sure I will find a way to incorporate them.

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