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June update and sows

I thought I posted this a while back, but I guess not.


I have a bunch of seedlings that I have no room for. I’ll be sure to not make so much next time.


There was a totmato seedling in a small pot on top of the plumeria pot and it took off. The roots of the tomatoes grew through the small pot. I decided to just leave it there. It seems to be really thriving.


A little lady bug on a zinnia.


Seedlings that I sowed.


These are celery that I started a while ago. they seem to be doing well. I keep them in the shade but they get a lot of bright light.


IMG_1914More tomatoes I harvested from the garden.

IMG_1896  Honey and I went for a walk and she seems to really like the rock mulch. I think we may use this somewhere in our garden.


These calla lillies were given to me from Mr. Wonderful a couple years ago. Orginally they were yeallow, but now the bloom coming out is red. Weird.

IMG_1913  More chard.

IMG_1912Pretty Calla Lilly.


Update 6/19/13
Side dressed with compost and vermicompost.  Collected a tray of vermicompost.

Mint that I planted in the beginning of the month have sprouted.
Sowed, pumpkins, basil ( genovese, lemon and opal) . The only basil that has survived is the lemon basil.
I also sowed more Moringa. The one I sowed in the beginning of the month is doing very well. I wanted to plant extra just in case my other plants don’t make it.
Transplanted onions and rest of Cornish di toro peppers. Chi chien peppers I sowed in the beginning of month has already sprouted.


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