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More March Sows

Sowed 3/16

Moringa – I can remember when I was little, my mom would cook this vegetable in soups. She used both the leaves and the pods. I’m not sure if it will grow here in Zone 10, but I’m hoping it will. It doesn’t hurt to try. I bought the seeds from ECHO. I didn’t care much for the leaves, they were often bitter, but the insides of pods were always sweet and tender. According to, it’s rich in protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. In 100 grams of moringa leaves, there is 2009 mg of calcium, more than 6 cups of calcium in milk.

Red cippolini onions  – not much to say about these onions. I just had a few more seeds  I tossed in some containers. I’m hoping they will grow at least to use them for green onions.

Green onions – i just threw some seeds around the strawberry pots. I’m not too concerned with these.

Thyme – I also planted some thyme last year, I only had one that survived. This takes forever to grow, so I’m planting more, hoping to get more up.

Lovage – This herbaceous plant grows pretty big. I started them a while ago, but neglected it. So I’m trying to start it up again. They can be used similar to celery and their stalks are hollow which can be used as a straw for those Bloody Mary drinks. That’s probably one of the main reasons why I want to try to grow it.
Oregano – The ones I planted last year with thyme are growing, but really slow!! I transplanted them into little pots and keeping them in the sun for now. Hopefully I’ll get something to harvest this summer.

Mustard greens – I didn’t have a good turn out when I planted this last year, although I planted them really cramped with the kale. I’m going to try to give them their own pot this time.


March Sows

This is the first set of seeds that I sowed this year. I went all out again, and bought a bunch of stuff for starting seeds. Last year I wanted to try the soil blocker. It worked really good, but they seemed to dry out to fast. I think I will give it a go next month when I resow more seeds. This time I’ll need to make sure they are on flats that have no holes to help keep them moist.


The fruits that I buy at the store come with these great containers for starting seeds. They have holes on the bottom for drainage and on the top for air circulation. I’ve started all the lettuce in these.



Sowed on 3/10

Romaine mix
Rocky top mix

San marzano
Amish paste

Celery tendercrisp


Corno di toro rosso
Italian pepperocini

Cucumber tendergreen

Bulls blood
Detroit beet

Ruby Red

Lacinato (Dino kale)
Red Russian (LOVE the color and it has a much milder taste)

Bak Choy
Ching Chang

Lemon balm
Green onions
Zinnia giant
I repotted up these herbs.
Repotted lime tree

What’s Flowering

This post is a bit late. I took these pictures on January 30, better late than never.

I dressed up Honey in this cute bandana. She seems to like it. She stares at herself a lot in the mirror. I think she things she’s pretty…..i think she’s right.


Honey getting ready for our day in the garden!

The sugar snap peas are have so much flowers coming up. This is the first year growing them and definitely not the last. I bought the seeds from ECHO seedbank. Thier goal is to serve as a resource for development workers who wish to experiment with underutilized crops as they work to improve the lives of the poor.  They maintain a collection of hard-to-find seeds that thrive under the often difficult growing conditions of the tropics and sub-tropics. It is their hope that these seeds will be used to evaluate new species that may help alleviate hunger, improve the soil, and produce income in areas where agriculture is difficult.

I bought a few more seeds from them, including Moringa and some Australian lettuce that do well in the heat.


Sugar Snap Peas

This bak choy did so much better than the other variety that I had. I will be replanting this again. These are great in stir fries and soups.


Bak Choy. I think the variety is Ching Chang….what a name!


Orchids from Auntie Pining. I’ve had these for a few years now.

The lime tree is doing really well. I planted it in a huge pot with another lime tree that I bought a few years ago. I shouldn’t have done that because 2 lime trees will definitely not fit in this pot. I recently took the older tree and will be giving it away to a friend and keeping the newer one (thanks to Alica, as a housewarming present), and repositioning it in the pot.


Lime tree from Alica as our housewarming present.


Nasturtium flower.

I recently yanked out the nasturtium plant that was getting out of hand in my Bay Laurel pot. I think I will be planting nasturtiums at the front of the house. These plants are self seeding and pop up year after year.


Nasturtium climbing up the Bay Laurel

What’s flowering up in your garden?


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