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crochet hair pins


I’ve been making these little amiguri crochet pieces so that I could hot glue them to pins for my niece. They’re so adorable! I hope she likes them. Here’s how to make the butterfly. I forget where I got the other patterns. I googled them and looked at the images.



Harvest Monday

These past few weeks have been really warm! Warm enough to keep the a/c running in the evening, and we rarely do that.

Also, I’ve had my family staying over for a couple of weeks and had a wedding, our housewarming party, and a bunch of family bbqs/get togethers. This summer was amazingly busy and wonderful. This is the reason for not having any updates.

So, here is my harvest this past week. One cherry tomato and a handful of hot peppers. I had a few other tomatoes that we used for salads and some soup that I didn’t take a picture of. The pepper plant was a gift from my uncle, so I’m not sure what kind of pepper plant it is. I just know that they’re pretty hot.

I also sowed some seed this weekend.

Sowed 8/8 & 8/9
Lettuce greens
Mustard greens
Kale (Red russian and Lacinato)

Hope all is growing well in your garden!

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