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Backyard Fruit Trees – Optimizing space with growing techniques

One goal for my backyard garden is to have successive ripening of various fruit trees throughout the year. So essentially, I will have ripening fruit all year round. There is limited space in the yard for my goal, but I’ve found various growing and pruning techniques that I can utilize to maximize the space that I have. For example, espalier fruit trees and 3 in 1 cluster of fruit trees.

The old school way of planting a fruit tree would be to plant it, let it grow, and hope to get fruit as soon as possible. Don’t forget, letting it grow and grow and grow, until it gets difficult to harvest and produces way too much fruit for your whole neighborhood even after you’ve canned a shitload for the year. One major drawback of  this method, it takes up way too much space and energy to maintain.

My idea of backyard gardening or kitchen garden is that you grow what your homestead can eat, process, and if you have extra, share with your family, friends and neighbors. This way you can grow more varieties of fruits and vegetables that you like in your small space and provide healthy and organic (if you’re practicing organic gardening) food, which is priceless. If you have a lot of space, more power to you! I would plant an orchard given that, but I don’t so, here are some ideas of what I was talking about.

What other ideas do you have to save space in your garden?






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One thought on “Backyard Fruit Trees – Optimizing space with growing techniques

  1. I’ll be shopping for my fruits, veggies & herbs in your back yard.

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