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Herb Spirals

Herb spirals are a great way to incorporate edible architecture into your garden. It’s a great way to incorporate a larger amount of herbs into a small space. Herb spirals are designed so that the top/center part of the spiral is about 2-3 feet high. As the spiral opens up, the elevation of the spiral is lowered. This creates microclimates in different parts of the spiral, allowing you to plant different types of herbs with different soil and temperature requirements. You have dry and arid conditions at the top or center of the spiral for rosemary, oregano, aloe, and thyme. Winding down from the center you would have sage, chives, parsley, and cilantro. Basil, lavender, and more cooler and moist loving plants would be planted in the lower portion of the spiral.




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2 thoughts on “Herb Spirals

  1. attemptinggreen on said:

    Reading “Permaculture” by David Holmgren right now! Good post

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