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Weekly Planner – Free Download

This year, like most years, I try to get a little more organized. I love perusing the isle with all the daily planners and schedulers, things of that nature that can help me keep organized. It’s insane what some people pay for to keep organized.

I bought a Franklin Covey planner a few years ago. The design is clean and sleek and the size of the paper inside was about a 5×7, not too big and not too small. I had to get a refill for the upcoming 12 months and boy they’re expensive!!! So I thought, I could recreate something for myself and incorporate what I liked and leave out what I didn’t need.

I like the idea of having a weekly calendar so I can see what’s coming up on a weekly basis. Also, I wanted a section where I can write down the menu for the week. This really helps in preparing what to bring out of the freezer the day before. A ‘to do’ list and a ‘to buy’ list was had to be in there somewhere, as well as a section where I can just write some notes down. So, here’s what I came up with and I’ve been using it for about a month now. Feel free to download it if you like for personal use only and not for resale. I’ve made a few colors variations.

What other scheduling ideas do you have to keep organized?


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