Petite Inspirations

In the name of inspiration and all things interesting to me and hopefully you.

Simple Hoop Earring

2 – 10 mm green bicone glass beads

2- 6″ silver wire, 20 guage
2 – silver earring hooks

Basic Tool Kit

Ring Mandrel

30 minutes

Length: 3 1/2″

The Idea

Decide on the size of the hoop for the earring and wrap around the 6″ wire on the mandrel. Wrap the wire until it crosses each other. Leave about 1 1/4″ so that you can wrap that end to create a wire wrapped loop, but don’t forget to insert the bead before closing the loop. With the remaining wire sticking up, leave about 1/4″ in to create a wire loop. Connect the hoops and your done!

The hoop will be a little bit bigger after it’s wrapped around the mandrel.
Tip 2:
This earring is so versatile. You can change the beads to match any color in your wardrobe!


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