Petite Inspirations

In the name of inspiration and all things interesting to me and hopefully you.

Crimson Clover

4 -10 mm round red glass beads
2 – 2 mm clear with gold foil glass seed beads
1 – 30″ gold colored copper wire, cut into sections. see below
(2 – 6″ gold colored copper wires, 20 guage; 6 – 3″ gold colored copper wires, 20 guage)

Basic Tool Kit
Extra Chain Nose Pliers for wire wrapping

30 minutes

Length: 3″

The Idea

To make the leaflet: Determine the center of the 6″ wire and with the chain nose pliers, make a bend on the halfway point. Fold the wire just until the two open ends meet. About 3/4″ from the open ends of the wire, use chain nose pliers to make a bend, perpendicular to the other open end of the wire. Now you can wrap the wire to create something similar to the wire wrapped loop, but without the loop. Wrap the wire around 2-3 times. Cut the excess wire and tuck the ends in. Now you should have a one wire sticking out on the top. Insert one seed bead. Cut the wire down to about 1/4″ from the bead and create a simple wire loop. Seperate the wires to your desired size of leaf. You can straighten out any kinks on the wire with nylon covered pliers so you doesn’t mar the wire.

Add the beads: Start with bending back about 1″ of the end of a 3″ wire. Wrap the wire around one wire of the leaflet about 2-3 times. Add the red bead and close the wire on the same side wire.Wrap around about 2-3 times again. Repeat on the other wire. Experiment and place the beads anywhere you think looks good. Cut of excess wire and tuck the ends in.

Create hooks with the remaining wire. I used a wire-jig. If you don’t have a wire-jig, you can certainly use something cylinder (marker, pen, etc.)

This make take a few attempts to make something without any marring on the wire. Practice makes perfect!

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