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See Green

I never thought I would ever wear these psychedelic earrings! Never say never. They really came in handy when my girlfriends and I celebrated 80s night! It was a rad night!!!
24 – 2 mm green glass beads
24 – 2 mm blue glass beads
16 – 2 mm green glass beads
2 – 6″ silver wire, 20 – 22 guage
2 – hooks

Basic Tool Kit

25 minutes

Length: 2.5″

The Idea

Create a loop with your chain nose pliers, with the silver wire and bend the remaining wire 90 degrees perpendicular to the loop you just created. Wrap the wire around a 1″ mandrel until it overlaps, to create the round shape for the loop. Add the beads (refer to picture for color scheme). Once all the beads are in place, close the wire loop with 2 loops. Cut the remaining wire and add your hooks. Repeat.

Lay out your beads in order to see the color scheme and to speed up the process of threading the beads..

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One thought on “See Green

  1. I like this one. CUTE CUTE CUTE 🙂

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