Petite Inspirations

In the name of inspiration and all things interesting to me and hopefully you.

Round About

2 – round glass beads
2 – 6″ silver wire, 20 – 22 guage

Basic Tool Kit

15 minutes

Length: 2″

The Idea
About 1 1/2″ from the end, wrap the silver wire around a smooth barreled object (a pen works great). Cross the ends of the wire and at the section where they intersect, bend the longer wire up 90 degrees with a chain nose pliers. Wrap the tail around the base and close it as if you were making a huge wire wrapped loop.

Straighten the remaining wire if needed and slide the bead to lay on top of the circle. Depending on how long you want your earring (I recommend about 1 – 1 1/2″), wrap the wire around a pen to create the “U” shape. Make sure it’s perpendicular to the circle. Cut the remaining wire to your desired length and curl up the last 1/4″. File to smooth away any rough edges on the wire. Repeat for other earring. 

Round beads work better for this. You won’t have to worry about them turning to the side.
Design Inspired by Sara Schwittek; Perfect Match – earring designs for every occasion 2008

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